2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

We are very excited and proud to announce the recipients of the 59 scholarships totalling $100,000 that were awarded by Tau Sigma this year!

Congratulations to each of these outstanding members and also to all of the other applicants who represented their chapter!  Keep up the great work!

First Name



Janee SUNY Fredonia $5,000
Lauren Louisiana State Univ $5,000
Sanat Univ of Nebraska - Lincoln $4,000
Norma Univ of California - Riverside $4,000
Gretchen Appalachian State Univ $4,000
Victoria Wayne State Univ $4,000
Angelica Le Moyne College $3,000
Ana Recendiz Univ of Central Florida $3,000
Jenna Florida Atlantic Univ $3,000
Emily Univ of Arizona $2,500
Hannah Western Carolina Univ $2,500
Brittanie Univ at Albany $2,500
Roman Sonoma State Univ $2,500
Stephanie Florida International Univ $2,500
Rebecca Jacksonville State Univ $2,500
Paige Northern Arizona Univ $2,500
Nolan Appalachian State Univ $2,500
Ashley Western Illinois Univ $2,500
Hanna Univ of North Carolina - Wilmington $2,500
Holly Appalachian State Univ $2,500
Colette Colorado State Univ $2,500
Allison Univ at Buffalo $2,000
Daenne Florida International Univ $2,000
Amanda Western Michigan Univ $2,000
Marcel Univ of Florida $2,000
Yamleque Southern Methodist Univ $2,000
Ryan Liberty Univ $2,000
Alexis Eastern Kentucky Univ $1,000
Emily Univ of Connecticut $1,000
Samantha Florida International Univ $1,000
Shaunique Old Dominion Univ $1,000
Danielle Portland State Univ $1,000
Whitney Univ of Wisconsin - Eau Claire $1,000
Anthony North Carolina Central Univ $1,000
Erin Ithaca College $1,000
Arlindo Cleveland State Univ $750
Jada Branae Saint Xavier Univ $750
Kristen Liberty Univ $750
Teriq Florida International Univ $750
Huy Le Univ of Texas - Arlington $750
Nancy Florida International Univ $750
Mohamed Univ of Maryland - College Park $750
Oreoluwa Morgan State Univ $750
Lataya North Carolina A&T State Univ $750
Tyler Monmouth Univ $750
Rachael Northern Illinois Univ $750
Sabina Univ at Albany $750
Daniela Adelphi Univ $500
Lucia Univ of Florida $500
Te'Lenha California State Univ - East Bay $500
Mina Oakland Univ $500
Katie Univ of Minnesota - Twin Cities $500
Laurel Anna Portland State Univ $500
Nichole Univ of Central Florida $500
Ryan Univ of Texas - Austin $500
Calandrea Univ of South Carolina $500
Travis East Tennessee State Univ $500
Chanae Florida A&M Univ $500
Frank Winston-Salem State Univ $500