Scholarship Process

Previous Scholarship Winner
Amanda Schnakenberg
University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

The chapter advisor or contact will be notified of the scholarship announcement via email in the fall.  A Word document that must be used by the scholarship applicants will be attached to the email.  When the advisor or contact receives the announcement, he or she should distribute the announcement to all Tau Sigma members.

The local advisor should determine the deadline for electronic submission of applicants and should receive all submitted applications by that deadline.  When all applications have been received, the chapter advisor should select the application of the nominee(s) that will represent the chapter.  All chapters may nominate at least one member to represent the chapter.  Chapters with new membership during the last calendar year of greater than or equal to 100 are allowed to nominate up to two members.   The scholarship application(s) chosen by the advisor to represent the local chapter must be submitted electronically as an email attachment to the Executive Director no later than deadline date, usually by mid November or the date stated by the Executive Director.

Scholarship applications received by the deadline will be evaluated by the Tau Sigma Scholarship Review Committee (the advisors of five Tau Sigma chapters).  Upon completing the evaluation of the applicants, the Committee will provide the Executive Director with the names of the scholarship recipients.  The scholarships will be announced in December and awarded in January.