Tau Sigma National Office offers T-Shirts and Honor Cords available through your chapter advisor.  These items are most normally offered to the members at the time that they join and pay their membership dues.  However, separate orders can be made at any time by the chapter advisor.  In an attempt to keep shipping and handling costs to a minimum, we prefer that the orders be for 5 or more items.

white t-shirt with Tau Sigma logoT-Shirts are Hanes 100% cotton and come in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.  The cost per shirt is $10.00 for short sleeves and $15.00 for long sleeves.

gold honor cords with Tau Sigma keyAlso, we also offer Tau Sigma National Honor Society Honor Cords with a Tau Sigma key for the members to wear during graduation.  These are very high quality, gold and burgundy interwoven cords.  The cost per set of honor cords is $15.00. 

If you are interested in purchasing t-shirts and/or honor cords, please see your chapter advisor to place an order. All materials will be sent directly to him/her for distribution.