Explanation of the Process

If you are interested in establishing a chapter of Tau Sigma at your college or university, IT'S VERY SIMPLE!

First, the institution must be a 4-year and currently accredited by a regional accrediting association.  Four year branch campuses which award baccalaureate degrees may be covered by the blanket accreditation awarded to the parent institution.  Exceptions to this requirement can be considered by the National Council.

Second, someone representing the college or university (this person could be the prospective faculty or administrative advisor to the chapter) should fill out a Preliminary Charter Information form providing information regarding the institution and send it to the Executive Director of Tau Sigma.   Upon receipt of this information, the Executive Director and National Council will review promptly for a preliminary charter. The petitioning institution will be immediately notified of the Council action taken.  This should not take longer than a week (perhaps the same day) from receipt of the information by the Executive Director.

After a preliminary charter has been granted, a member of the university staff or faculty should obtain from the registrar a list of students who meet Tau Sigma membership requirements (see the "Membership" link on this web site) during the previous term.  A letter of congratulations (this is a sample) should then be sent to these students, inviting them to be charter members of the local chapter of Tau Sigma.   You will notice in the sample letter that the lifetime dues (to be paid only once upon becoming a new member) for a member range from $50 to $65, depending upon the local dues amount.  National dues are set at $35 with the remaining portion going to support the local chapter and the cost of the membership mailing..  When notified of their eligibility by mail, the students will be directed through web-based membership process that is very user-friendly.  

National is now offering to handle the entire membership process for any chapter that would like for us to!!!  This will be a BIG HELP to you in establishing your new chapter.   If you decide to allow National to conduct the mailing, then you will simply need to obtain the names, addresses, and email of those students who are eligible for membership and send them to Melanie Saunders (the Director of Chapter Relations) in an Excel spreadsheet.   We will contact the students by mail, follow up with an email, and collect their membership information and dues through the web-based membership process. Once membership has been completed, we will send you a list of the members, their membership information, the induction materials (certificates and pins), a charter, honor cords, t-shirts, and a check for the local dues.  At that point, you will simply schedule a meeting for the members, elect officers, and the chapter will be off and running!  If National handles the mailing, the members' dues will still be $45, but $35 will go to National (with $5 of that to cover the mailing) and $10 will go to the local chapter.  Email Melanie Saunders if you are interested in this or have any questions.

Upon receipt of the full membership and dues, the chapter is asked for the date of the induction and installation ceremony.  The induction materials (certificates, pins, charter, etc.) are then prepared by National and sent to the chapter advisor.  It takes approximately three weeks to prepare for this.

When the date for the induction and installation ceremony is set, the local group elects officers, reserves space for the ceremony, plans the banquet or reception, and invites guests.  A letter or email announcing the charter induction and installation ceremony is sent to all members. Invitations also may be sent to parents and other interested parties (i.e. faculty, university officials).  At the installation, the charter is presented, members inducted, and an appropriate address given by a person chosen by the local group.  Students attending the ceremony will be presented with a membership certificate and pin.  Those not attending will be required to pick up their membership certificate and pin from the local advisor or an officer of the chapter.  In addition, after the ceremony, the honor cords and t-shirts will be handed out to those who ordered them. 

The group pays local costs such as printing a program, costs of a reception or banquet, and framing of the charter.  Travel and lodging expenses for the member of the National Council, should a member attend, are paid by National.