Benefits of Establishing a Chapter

Benefits to the current transfer student

college students with thumbs up

  • recognition for academic achievement
  • early involvement opportunities in the college or university
  • opportunity to assume leadership positions
  • opportunity for assimilation into the student population
  • increased visibility of current transfer students
  • enhanced reputation of current transfer students
  • message from the university that there is level of commitment to transfer students

Benefits to the incoming transfer student

  • a more welcoming environment for incoming transfer students
  • a more user-friendly college or university for incoming transfer students
  • an organization formed to address the needs and concerns that are unique to the transfer student
  • a college or university that is better equipped to address the needs and concerns of transfer students

Benefits to the college or university

Admissions Office
  • assistance in recruiting of high quality transfer students
  • assistance in retaining transfer students
Alumni and Development Office
  • assistance in successfully assimilating transfer students, leading to increased loyalty and a larger and more dedicated alumni base from which to generate support
Office of Student Affairs
  • a group that can clearly define and articulate the specific needs and concerns of transfer students
  • assistance in welcoming and recruiting potential transfer students (promotional events)
  • assistance in reaching and communicating with incoming transfer students (mentoring programs, orientation, campus tours, information booths, etc.)