college woman raising hand in class to ask a question

  1. How many incoming transfer students does a university need before a Tau Sigma chapter would be beneficial?

Answer:   We hope to one day be able to serve colleges and universities with smaller transfer populations. However, at this time, Tau Sigma chapters have had the most success at schools with incoming transfer populations of approximately 400 or more.

  1. How much does it cost the university to establish a Tau Sigma chapter?

Answer:   The only cost to the university is the initial cost of the mailing to those students who are eligible for membership.   If National conducts the mailing for you, there are no costs.

  1. Should our university send out letters of invitation after every term?

Answer:   Some universities have chosen to send letters of invitation twice a year and others only once.  Unless the chapter has a sizable number of new members, we recommend that they hold only one induction ceremony each year, typically in the spring.  Any members who joined in the fall term are eligible to participate immediately. However, they wouldn't be inducted until the spring.

  1. What are the membership criteria?

Answer:   The membership criteria are: 1) the student must be enrolled as a full-time student, 2) the student must transfer to the university with at least one full year's worth of academic credits (the definition of one full year is left to the university to determine - the objective is to identify true transfer students and not those students who might have taken a few courses at another institution simply to get ahead or caught up), and 3) the student must finish their first term after transferring with a 3.5 GPA OR in the top 20% of all incoming transfers during that term.

  1. What if a member's GPA falls below 3.5?   Does this person lose their membership?

Answer:   No.   While we hope that the members will continue to strive for academic excellence, the member has a lifetime membership that is based only on their first term GPA or standing among the incoming transfers.

  1. If a student fails to respond to the initial invitation for membership, can he/she join at a later date?

Answer:   Unfortunately, no.   With as many chapters and members as we deal with each year, we are currently not equipped to handle membership additions throughout the year for each chapter.

  1. What are the dues for Tau Sigma members?

Answer:   Lifetime membership dues typically range from $50 to $65, depending upon the local dues amount.  National dues are set at $35 with the remaining portion going to support your local chapter and the cost of the membership mailing.

  1. If National handles the membership mailing, will you use the students' mailing address and/or email address for any purpose other than to contact them regarding their membership?

Answer:   ABSOLUTELY NOT.   We will not use their mailing address and/or email for ANY purpose beyond contacting them about their membership.   In addition, we will not sell, lend, or give this information to ANY other party for ANY other use.